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Three new works that place women at the center of the story and the action!

The first annual Fighting Words Festival showcases three developing scripts via readings, all reflecting how women define themselves and their places in their worlds – including the English countryside, medieval Scotland and the “final frontier.”


Saturday 5/19:

12:00pm – The Lady Demands Satisfaction
2:30pm – Women of 4G


Sunday 5/20:

7:00pm – The Witches of Birnam



The Lady Demands Satisfaction

by Arthur M. Jolly

The Lady Demands Satisfaction is the winner of Joining Sword & Pen 2017-18, BWBTC’s international playwriting competition. When a young maiden learns she must defend her inheritance in a duel, she struggles with a conniving suitor, a servant girl posing as a German fencing master who doesn’t speak English, and her renowned aunt – the finest blade anywhere – to save her house and lands.

Director: Morgan Manasa*
Violence Designer: Samantha Kaufman*


Women of 4G

by Amy Tofte

Seventy-five years in the future, an all-female crew and their male captain depart on what appears to be a routine mission to Mars until the captain is murdered and the real mission comes to light. Part murder mystery, part space thriller, Women of 4G uses a science fiction world to ask questions about women in power as well as their leadership, responsibility and, ultimately, sacrifice.

Director: Lisa Herceg*
Violence Designer: Maureen Yasko*


The Witches of Birnam

by Sara Murdock

A new king is rising to the cursed throne of Scotland, doomed, like his predecessors, to lose his soul. Suthen, Edith and Leinster, powerful women with a legacy of secrets, fight to break the curse and save their people from the coming storm. Their only hope lies in gaining the trust of Gruoch, the future queen. With their unimaginable power at her fingertips, Gruoch can be Scotland’s salvation or its doom.

An exploration of ambition and corruption, honor and betrayal, madness and redemption, The Witches of Birnam is intertwined with William Shakespeare’s Macbeth, delving into the motivations and struggles of Lady Macbeth and the enigmatic witches. It is the tale of the battle for a country, told through the legacy of its queens.

Director: Andi Dymond
Violence Designer: Chloe Baldwin*

* Denotes BWBTC ensemble member

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