BWBTC loves new scripts which further our mission. And we are very excited to hear from playwrights of all stripes.

Helpful Hints:

  • If your script does not pass the Bechdel Test, it is unlikely to be a good fit for us.
  • Our roots are in stage combat (fights are the realization of high narrative stakes).
  • We do not accept or produce musical scripts.
  • Our venues are generally small black box spaces. So is our cashbox.

There are three ways in which we accept script submissions.

1. Fighting Words: This is our new play development program. It is an opportunity to have actors, directors, and select audiences weigh in on what you have written. Learn more about Fighting Words.

2. Joining Sword & Pen: JS&P is BWBTC’s international playwriting competition, founded in 2005 to increase the number of quality scripts featuring fighting roles for women.  Since its inception, JS&P has been sponsored by Fight Master David Woolley, SAFD.

There are very specific parameters for submissions including dates and writing prompts.  Learn more about JS&P.

A large group of women and men in a park doing running drills

3.  Production-ready scripts: Submissions for production consideration. Some scripts are complete; they don’t want  tweaking, just a straight-up ‘yes’ or ‘no’ on production with the Babes. These scripts are strong proponents of the Babes’ mission as well as being finely crafted and honed. While we don’t insist on world premieres, we do like to show original work in our region. Submissions accepted year-round.

If you have a script that is beyond the development process, you can send it to