COURTESY FLUSH.  Let’s get real, ya’ll.

BWBTC ensemble members, Megan Schemmel and Kelly Yacono, are like two peas in a pod. Seriously. If you’ve ever shared a room with these two, they somehow turn into a two-headed monster of musical magic and fun.


Kelly and Megan met performing in BWBTC’s 2012 production of Susan Swayne and the Bewildered Bride, and in 2013 they rejoined theatrical forces in BWBTC’s production of Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates.

Nearing the close of Bo Thomas and knowing that they shared a similar artistic groove, they both set off to create voice over websites and land voiceover agents together. After finding success with their voiceover goals, spending never-enough karaoke nights harmonizing, and occasionally entertaining their friends on game nights, these White-Christmas-with-a-twist “seestras” decided that they wanted to add more to their artistic toolbox; so, they spent the entirety of 2017 taking improv classes together at The Second City Training Center.


The desire to create something of their own was so palpable that thunderstorms shook the earth, bees started pollinating flowers, no cat in heat could keep quiet–and, thus, a podcast was born:

COURTESY FLUSHA new comedy podcast about personal problems, life experiences, and extreme over-sharing.
Have you ever wondered what a real life princess would be like today if she had gas?  Then you’ll be sure to enjoy the improvised #PrincessProblems scenarios that any person can come out realizing that they too are living their very own fairytale. Gas included!
If you’ve ever wanted to know more about two ladies who just want to make sweet, humorous love to listeners’ ears in attempts to lighten everyone’s day, then this show is for you.
*Will there be strobe lights? No, but explicit language is used.  So please enjoy responsibly.
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Megan Schemmel
Megan Schemmel