Megan Schemmel headshot

Megan Schemmel

Webmistress / Artistic Affiliate

Megan Schemmel is an actress, voiceover artist, singer, dancer, improvisor and stage-combatant who graduated with a B.F.A. in Theatre & Voice from the University of Kansas.

As a proud member of BWBTC’s ensemble since 2012, Megan has enjoyed the chance to wield weapons in the following BWBTC, female-driven plays: The Lady Demands Satisfaction (Aunt Theodosia), Titus Andronicus (Saturninas), Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates  (Bo Thomas), Susan Swayne And The Bewildered Bride (Adelaide), TRASH (Becky), and Romeo and Juliet (Benvolio).

Other companies on the resumé checklist-of-fun: Matter Dance Company (emeritus member), The Factory Theater (Fight City), The House Theatre of Chicago (Cyrano), Awkward Pause Theatre (The Rocky Horror Show), The Side Project (Through The Middle Ground), NightBlue (Rabbit HoleSweeney ToddThe Rocky Horror Show) and The Cupid Players (Cupid Has A Heart On).

In 2015, Megan was featured in the American Family Insurance “Dreams 2.0” Super Bowl commercial with Jennifer Hudson.

On-camera work has included performing as ‘Molly’ in Stephen Cone’s short film, THE PLUMBER (ASC Cinema Lab 11.0), being a cooky Principal and stern nurse in Fiona Obertinca’s short films, MASCOT and BOBBY (Columbia College), and running around with a thirsty vendetta in Seasons 1 & 2 of the web series, THE SCARLET LINE (Wolf Point Media), as the misguided villain/anti-hero, ‘Naomi’. @megschem

In October 2018, Megan moved to the Kansas City Metro area, but continues to support BWBTC’s mission of advocating strong female characters while, also, maintaining the website from afar (but not too far away).

Using the designs of Amy Bashara, Megan built and launched the new BWBTC website in May of 2018.

Lastly, check out the self-produced, comedic podcast, Courtesy Flush, that Megan and fellow (Emeritus) BWBTC company member, Kelly Yacono, overshare relatable stories and occasionally break into improvised song with hilarity ensuing. #PrincessProblems #ThankYouAndYoureWelcome