FALL 2015: Patchwork Drifter

by: Jennifer L. Mickelson*

Director: Leigh Barrett*
Violence Design: JK Choreography



We proudly present the World Premiere of Patchwork Drifter!

California-bound and down on her luck, Emmy Fox finds refuge working for a widowed shopkeeper and her two daughters. But they soon discover that the past can follow you over miles and years, and secrets can be as dangerous as any hazard of the Wyoming frontier.

“These performances are honest and true…” – Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune
“With a strong cast and design team, the evening is entertaining enough to hold the attention while bringing up some interesting points and questions about the pioneer spirit that helped shape America.” – Kerstin Broockmann, Chicago Standard
“Director Leigh Barrett paces this homespun tale with loving toughness.” – Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh
“In her dialogue Mickelson is able to seamlessly weave nuanced, diverse, complex, sympathetic, and credible versions of male subjectivity into her script without ever having male characters appear on stage: a hurdle over which the most gifted playwrights, both male and female, have tripped.” – Lawrence Riordan, Around Town Chicago
“[T]here is one well-choreographed shoot-out, but thanks to Leigh Barrett’s focused direction, when this spare, muscular staging soars it’s because of strong acting, led by Delia Ford as the iron-willed matriarch.” – Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader
“….this (is) anything but your typical Western.” – Lawrence Riordan, Around Town Chicago
“I think it is great that Babes with Blades did this show because [Emmy] is such an amazing female character.” – Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews For You
“The women of Babes With Blades Theatre Company made their name with swashbuckling tales filled with clanging steels and fists of fury, but this…proves they can work in a quieter key.” – Jack Helbig, Chicago Reader
“The intimacy of City Lit’s auditorium…ensures an environment sufficient to keep playgoers alert to not only the textual intricacies…but also the uncommonly complex performances of an ensemble long experienced at conveying the strength of sisterly bonds.” – Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times
“I feel like the fight scenes (by JK Choreography) were so crazy amazing. I always love their fights and I still loved them this time. There weren’t as many as usual, but one of them would be good enough because it was still amazing…..I think people should go see this show. I felt like it was a pretty powerful story and I liked it.” – Ada Grey, Ada Grey Reviews For You
“I enjoyed this tightly packaged visit to the old west.  Babes with Blades make perfect pioneers with guns.” – Katy Walsh, The Fourth Walsh

At City Lit Theater: Located on the 2nd Floor of Edgewater Presbyterian Church
1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago

The theater is located at the corner of Bryn Mawr and Kenmore, right around the corner from where Lake Shore Drive starts at Hollywood and Sheridan.
There is metered street parking in the area but parking can be difficult.
City Lit is CTA accessible by the Red Line as well as multiple bus lines including the 151 and 147.

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Show Dates
Run: 8/16 – 9/19, Th – Sat at 8pm, Sun. at 3pm

Read up on our Cast and Crew of Patchwork Drifter!

CAST: Delia Ford* (Harriet), Meredith Rae Lyons (Emmy), Eliza Rose Fichter (Martha), Zoe Shiman (Abigail), Elyse Dawson* (Hannah)

STAFF: Jennifer L. Mickelson* (Production Manager), Kimberly Morris* (Costume Design), Lindsey Miller (Stage Manager), Mason Absher (Sound Design), Nicci Schumacher (Scenic Design/Technical Director), Laura Wiley (Lighting Design), Kurt Brandt (Props Design)
*denotes Babes With Blades Company Member
Patchwork Drifter is a graduate of our Fighting Words program.