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The Lady Demands Satisfaction

By: Arthur M. Jolly

The Lady Demands Satisfaction is the winner of the 2017-18 Joining Sword & Pen competition, sponsored since its inception by Fight Master David Woolley, SAFD.

In The Lady Demands Satisfaction, a young maiden, Trothe, learns that her entire inheritance will be forfeit to anyone that bests her in a duel once she comes of age. The catch? Her birthday is in a week. She must turn to her Aunt Theodosia, a famed swordswoman, if she is to keep her house and lands. She also enlists the aid of her two favorite servants, though they may prove more hindrance than help. With the house filling up with Prussian swordmasters, a clueless lawyer, and a poetically minded suitor, events unfold in true farcical fashion. Like all good farces, everyone gets the ending they deserve, but will they be satisfied?




DIRECTOR: Morgan Manasa*

FIGHT DIRECTOR: Samantha Kaufman*

CAST: Deanalís Resto (Trothe), Kate Booth (Penelope), Ari Kraiman (Tilly), Felipe Carrasco (Osric), Linsey Falls (Abernathy), Amanda Forman (Luitger), Megan Schemmel* (Theodosia), with Kim Fukawa*, Jennifer Mohr, and Bobby Hoffman (understudies)

STAFF: Samantha Barr (Production Manager), Kayla Menz (Stage Manager), Lauren Brady (Assistant Stage Manager), Becca Venable (Technical Director/Sound), Chas Mathieu (Set), Carlie Casas (Costumes), Stefanie Johnsen (Props), Becs Bartle (Lighting), Kenya Hall (Dramaturg), Carrie Hardin (Dialect Coach)

* denotes BWBTC Ensemble Member


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