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Three new works that place women at the center of the story and the action!

The second annual Fighting Words Festival!

Each year BWBTC selects three scripts for development.  Each must have the potential to grow into the kinds of plays that fit BWBTC’s mission.  Several of the Fighting Words selections have been seen as full productions with BWBTC, as well as other theatre companies: most recently 180 Degree Rule, Patchwork Drifter, L’Imbecile and Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates.

Each 2018-19 script has undergone two reading-and-feedback sessions with the ensemble and invited guests prior to being introduced to the public (and given the BWBTC treatment of including one staged fight) at the Festival in June 2019.


Tickets: FREE ADMISSION! Refreshments and a talkback follow each reading.




Saturday, June 1, 2019 – 3:00pm

Life In A Sandcastle

by Jayme McGhan

Director: Kelsey Kovacevich*
Fight Choreography: Kim Fukawa*

Two getaway weekends on the shore of Lake Michigan collide when childhood friends and family from separate worlds find themselves doing battle for the same beachside fire pit. Political persuasions, economic privilege, religious beliefs, regional proclivities, educational barriers, and a mess of cheap beer, expensive wine, and dill pickles chips quickly become both shields and weapons as the women do battle for the sandy square footage they feel is rightly theirs. Life in a Sandcastle is a hilarious and touching exploration of the fates that bring us together and the tax brackets that keep us apart.


Saturday, June 1, 2019 – 7:00pm

Summer Nights and Fireflies

by Bianca Sams

Director: Kanomé Jones
Fight Choreography: Chloe Baldwin*

Summer Nights and Fireflies, follows Zandra Richards, the owner of a small eastern Texas bar which has been in her family for generations. On the surface Zandra’s finally moving forward in life, but secretly everything is falling apart at the seams. Her bar is struggling financially, younger brother Tyrone is involved in a tumultuous relationship and her boyfriend Sean wants more from her than she’s capable of giving. To make matters worse, Zandra is literally haunted by ghosts from her past which force her to confront a lifetime of abuse that she’d rather leave dead and buried. Summer Nights and Fireflies explores issues of modern femininity, the cycle of violence, and the power of self love.


Sunday, June 2, 2019 – 3:00pm


by Deborah Yarchun

Director: Alexis Randolph*
Fight Choreography: Maureen Yasko*

Yelena returns to her childhood home for the first time in twelve years only to discover that her older sister Simone has transformed it into a “Burning Man-inspired” (and booby-trapped) game-room of fairy wings and glitter. As monstrous noises filter in from an offstage room, the two sisters battle in a series of escalating games over whether or not to finally confront a violent incident from their past.


* Denotes BWBTC ensemble member

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