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Three new works that dismantle the patriarchy, elevate underrepresented voices and (of course) use stage combat!

The third annual Fighting Words Festival!

Each year BWBTC selects three scripts for development.  Each must have the potential to grow into the kinds of plays that fit BWBTC’s mission.  Several of the Fighting Words selections have been seen as full productions with BWBTC, as well as other theatre companies: most recently 180 Degree Rule, Patchwork Drifter, L’Imbecile and Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates.

Each 2019-20 script has undergone two reading-and-feedback sessions with the ensemble and invited guests prior to being introduced to the public (and given the BWBTC treatment of including one staged fight) at the 2020 Festival.


Tickets: FREE ADMISSION! Refreshments and a talkback follow each reading.




Saturday, February 29, 2020 – 4:00pm

Nina The Hellhound

by Sander Gusinow

Director: Angie Forshee
Fight Choreography: Polley Cooney

A sleepy town in 1620’s England gets a taste of modernity when gifted fencer Nina Broach begins fighting duels on behalf of mistreated women everywhere.Appalled by the town”s new liberty, a vainglorious lord becomes obsessed with Nina’s destruction, and blackmails a legendary war hero in hopes of bringing her down.

To save her city, her sister, and herself, Nina must not only fight for her life, but confront, and forgive, the painful compromises her mother made to see her reach her potential.

Featuring ghosts, sword fights, romance, and a goth nun.


Saturday, February 29, 2020 – 7:30pm

Plaid As Hell

by Cat McKay

Director: Christina Casano
Fight Choreography: Maureen Yasko*

Cass’s annual camping trip is off to a rough start with her best friend Emilie sniping at Cass’s new girlfriend Jess. The serial killer loose in the woods isn’t helping matters, either.


Sunday, March 1, 2020 – 4:00pm


by Mia Vera

Director: Kathrynne Wolf*
Fight Choreography: Jillian Leff*

Inspired by Valerie Solanas’s SCUM Manifesto, three people with wildly different agendas take up art, activism and potentially arms as they ponder how to dismantle the patriarchy (and cope with a break-up).


* Denotes BWBTC ensemble member

Learn more about Fighting Words or submit your own script.