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Catherine Dvorak

Artistic Affiliate

Catherine Dvorak received her BA in Theater from the Johnny Carson School of Theater and Film. With a strong interest and focus on movement, she caught on to Staged Combat and trained under Ian Bordan and Harris Smith, two of the school’s three SAFD Certified Teachers. After moving to the city she made her Chicago debut in the BWBTC’s all-female production of Julius Caesar (Octavius, Conspirator) and they haven’t been able to shake her off since. During the sumer of 2016, she learned Droznin Movement for BWBTC’s world premiere of The Promise of a Rose Garden (Tina/Angel).

Catherine has worked with Artemisia doing fight choreography and reading in Fall Festivals. Other companies include Huggable Riot, Viable Theater Co., Red Theater, and Collaboraction. She recorded radio shows and podcasts with The Whiskey Rebellion Theater and Our Fair City. If you call certain local businesses in Lincoln, Nebraska, you may also hear her greet you on the answering machine. While pursuing theater Catherine also works as an artist doing murals about the city. For more information on what’s next and past work visit the Catherine M. Dvorak page on Facebook.