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Amy E. Harmon

Artistic Affiliate

Amy E. Harmon  (Development Director, Grant Writer, PR Coordinator) credits Coach Laurie Schiller, Armorer Cathy Weigley, Assistant Coach Ed Kaihatsu, and the kick-ass women and men of the Northwestern University fencing team with introducing her to the joys of violence. After graduating from NU, she studied beginning unarmed, rapier, and katana with the SAFD President, Fight Master Chuck Coyl. She achieved Advanced Actor/Combatant status under SAFD CT (and former Secretary) Angela Bonacasa, and has held SPT certificates in knife, broadsword, unarmed, rapier & dagger, small sword (EAE), quarterstaff, single sword, and sword & shield. In addition, she picked up many useful skills (run bitch run!) while battling doppelgangers, brigands, and other assorted baddies with David Schmidt, Brenda Kelly, and Sword & Cloak Productions. Amy is tickled mauve to call herself a Babe!