Script Submissions

WHAT WE’RE LOOKING FOR: Playwrights of all genders and plays of all genres are welcome.  Male characters are great, so long as they don’t overshadow/outnumber the female characters.

Fights are a big part of what we do, so their inclusion in scripts is important to us – so long as they serve the story and the characters.  We see fights in our shows as similar to songs in a GOOD musical: words fail, so musical characters burst into song.  Words fail, so our characters resort to violence.
Finished but not polished is fine.  Likewise, one acts are fine if the intent is to expand them, through development, into full-lengths.  If you consider the piece complete as-is and aren’t interested in further development, please indicate that when you submit.
And of course the caveat – we typically work in small, black box theatres on limited budgets.  A piece with multiple, complex locations and/or more than 10 characters that can’t be easily doubled might not be the best fit for us.

SCRIPTS ACCEPTED: Throughout the year.  Deadline for consideration for 2018-19 has passed.

Got a script we should see? Want more info?  Contact!
Please note – we are not considering musical submissions at this time.

2018-19 SELECTIONS ANNOUNCED: Spring 2018

Playwrights selected for the Fighting Words program will receive a set of three readings to facilitate the development of their script. Each play will be assigned a director who will take part in the development process from the start. 
The first reading is internal and is attended by company members and the director. The second reading is also internal, further attended by invited industry guests, followed by a moderated talk back and refreshments. The final reading takes place as part of our Fighting Words Festival: an advertised public reading with one choreographed fight, followed by a moderated talk back and refreshments.
Playwrights are invited to attend  all readings and moderated talk backs; each will also be recorded and given to the playwright to aid with rewrites.
Playwrights are given approximately two months between drafts for revisions with a schedule provided at the time of selection.

BACKGROUND: Many scripts have completed the Fighting Words program since its inception, and several have gone on to full productions with the Babes. CLICK!

FEEDBACK: “I benefitted greatly from the experience with your company’s play development program. As you know I’ve been involved with the Pirates Anne and Mary for over 30 years. I feel that the play, read so wonderfully by your group, came the closest to an authentic expression of their story.” -Sandra Riley, Sisters of the Sea

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