Fighting Words

Each year we select three scripts for development in our Fighting Words program that we feel have the potential to grow into the kinds of plays that fit our mission.

Each script then goes through a series of public readings and feedback sessions, with our audience participating.

180 Degree 3In fact, several of these selections have gone on to full productions with BWBTC, as well as other theatre companies: most recently 180 Degree Rule, Patchwork Drifter, L’Imbecile, and Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates (FULL LIST).

If you are a playwright interested in submitting a script, or just want to know more about Fighting Words, CLICK.


Death. Battery. Rogue. by Gaby Labotka
First Public Reading: 2/27/16 at 12pm
Location: Theatre Momentum’s Pendulum Space1803 W. Byron St. #215

Final Public Reading: 5/28/16 at 12pm
Location: Prop Thtr 3502 N. Elston

It Doesn’t Stop by Sasha Warren
First Public Reading: 6/25/16 at 1pm
Location: City Lit Theater1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave.

Final Public Reading: 11/12/16 at 1pm
Location: Prop Thtr – 3502 N. Elston

Fates’ Accomplice by Delia Ford*
First Public Reading: 9/25/16 at 1pm
Location: Prop Thtr – 3502 N. Elston

Final Public Reading: 12/04/16 at 1pm
Location: Prop Thtr – 3502 N. Elston

Free food! Free drink! Free theatre!

* denotes BWBTC ensemble member
FEEDBACK: “I hope the evolution of “Deeds Not Words” made it really clear how valuable I found the BWB script development process. The performances (it doesn’t seem adequate to call them mere “readings”) showed me how the pacing worked (or didn’t), the audience responses identified gaps, and the discussions with y’all really helped sharpen my thoughts about what I want the piece to do. And it was thrilling to see the fights.” –Anne Bertram, Deeds Not Words

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