Fighting Words

Strawdog Theatre (1802 W Berenice Ave., Chicago)

Saturday 5/19:
12:00pm – The Lady Demands Satisfaction
2:30pm – Women of 4G

Sunday 5/20:
7:00pm – The Witches of Birnam

FREE ADMISSION! Refreshments and a talkback follow each reading.

The Lady Demands Satisfaction – Arthur M. Jolly
The winner of Joining Sword & Pen 2017-18! When a young maiden learns she must defend her inheritance in a duel, she struggles with a conniving suitor, a servant girl posing as a German fencing master who doesn’t speak English, and her renowned Aunt – the finest blade anywhere – to save her house and lands.
The Witches of Birnam – Sara Murdock
A new king is rising to the cursed throne of Scotland, doomed, like his predecessors, to lose his soul. Suthen, Edith, and Leinster, powerful women with a legacy of secrets, fight to break the curse and save their people from the coming storm. Their only hope lies in gaining the trust of Gruoch, the future queen. With their unimaginable power at her fingertips, she can be Scotland’s salvation… or its doom.
An exploration of ambition and corruption, honor and betrayal, madness and redemption, The Witches of Birnam is intertwined with Shakespeare’s Macbeth, delving into the motivations and struggles of Lady Macbeth and the enigmatic witches. It is the tale of the battle for a country, told through the legacy of its queens.
Women of 4G – Amy Tofte
Seventy-five years in the future, an all-female crew and their male captain depart on what appears to be a routine mission to Mars… until the captain is murdered and the real mission comes to light. Part murder mystery, part space thriller, Women of 4G uses a science fiction world to ask questions about women in power as well as their leadership, responsibility and, ultimately, sacrifice.

THE FIGHTING WORDS PROCESS: Each year we select three scripts for development that we feel have the potential to grow into the kinds of plays that fit our mission.

Each script then goes through a series of readings and feedback sessions, with our ensemble and audiences participating.

180 Degree 3In fact, several of these selections have gone on to full productions with BWBTC, as well as other theatre companies: most recently 180 Degree Rule, Patchwork Drifter, L’Imbecile, and Bo Thomas and the Case of the Sky Pirates (FULL LIST).

If you are a playwright interested in submitting a script, or just want to know more about Fighting Words, CLICK.

FEEDBACK: “I hope the evolution of “Deeds Not Words” made it really clear how valuable I found the BWB script development process. The performances (it doesn’t seem adequate to call them mere “readings”) showed me how the pacing worked (or didn’t), the audience responses identified gaps, and the discussions with y’all really helped sharpen my thoughts about what I want the piece to do. And it was thrilling to see the fights.” –Anne Bertram, Deeds Not Words

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