Titus Andronicus Cast Announcement!
Thank you so much to everyone who auditioned! It was no easy task to cast. Without further ado, here is the cast of Titus Andronicus!

Fighting Words in Full Force
Thanks to everyone who joined us for the final reading of Anna Fitz’s, Mercury! Comin’ up next, the final reading of J. Christopher Harris’, Boudica, on 12/14 at 12pm. FREE food, FREE drink, FREE theatre!


Congratulations to Inspiring Sword & Pen 2014 winner, Jessie Swiech!

Death and Sleep with the Fallen Warrior

Jessie’s piece, Death and Sleep With the Fallen Warrior, has been chosen to be the inspiration for our Joining Sword & Pen 2015-16 Playwriting Competition.

Joining Sword & Pen 2015-16 has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED!
Click here for submission rules, FAQ and schedule!

Thank you so much to all the contributors of our 2014 Fighting Words Indiegogo Campaign!
With your help we will be able to cultivate and grow our Fighting Words program!




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