When Fairy Tales… ATTACK!

Take a fantastical safari to Once Upon a Time!

Guest artists at the beautiful First Folio Theatre, we put a new spin on traditional fairy tales: allowing our audiences to observe favorite heroines and villains in their natural habitat, and learn how dangerous – and hilarious – happily ever after can be!

CAST: Libby Beyreis, Amy E. Harmon, Katherine S. Herrera, Brenda E. Kelly, Kara Pasierb Smith

STAGE MANAGER: Kjerstine McHugh

AUTHORS: Libby Beyreis, Mary Anne Bowman, Amy E. Harmon, Brenda E. Kelly, Stephanie Repin

ARTWORK: Hilary Jirka

1. Introduction

2. Snow White
Narrator: Libby Beyreis
Mirror: Katherine S. Herrera
Snow White: Amy E. Harmon
Wicked Stepmother: Brenda E. Kelly

3. Evil Queen Boot Camp
Narrator: Amy E. Harmon
Wicked Queen: Brenda E. Kelly
Maleficent: Katherine S. Herrera
Glinda the Good Witch: Libby Beyreis
Wicked Stepmother: Kara Pasierb Smith

4. The Frog Prince
Narrator: Kara Pasierb Smith
Prince: Amy E. Harmon

5. Little Red Riding Hood
Narrator: Kara Pasierb Smith
Little Red Riding Hood: Brenda E. Kelly
Big Bad Wolf: Libby Beyreis

6. Goldilocks & the Three Bears
Narrator: Brenda E. Kelly
Momma Bear: Kara Pasierb Smith
Poppa Bear: Katherine S. Herrera
Baby Bear: Amy E. Harmon
Goldilocks: Libby Beyreis

7. The Raven
Narrator 1: Brenda E. Kelly
Narrator 2: Kara Pasierb Smith
Raven: Libby Beyreis

8. Rumplestiltskin
Narrator/Mirror: Brenda E. Kelly
Princess: Libby Beyreis
Rumplestiltskin: Amy E. Harmon
Gingerbread House Witch: Katherine S. Herrera
Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe: Kara Pasierb Smith

9. The Three Billy Goats Gruff
Narrator: Amy E. Harmon
Billy Goat One: Katherine S. Herrera
Billy Goat Two: Libby Beyreis
Billy Goat Three: Kara Pasierb Smith
Troll: Brenda E. Kelly

10. Rapunzel
Narrator: Brenda E. Kelly
Rapunzel: Amy E. Harmon
Prince Charming: Libby Beyreis

11. Can’t Do ‘Em

12. Cinderella
Narrator/Cinderella: Katherine S. Herrera
Wicked Stepsister #1: Kara Pasierb Smith
Wicked Stepsister #2: Brenda E. Kelly

13. Closing

I would suggest that when you run toward the stick you are slightly more upright goats. –Amy 
Depending on what kind of babies we get, they might be kinda hard and pokey. –Libby
Well, I’m gonna stab at you so that will help. –Brenda
That sucked…. Let’s do it again. –Stephanie
I’m always either on the ground or with Amy on my back. –Libby
I think choking the ham is a different game. –Brenda
Heaven forfend it not scan well. –Kjers
I’m not getting close enough on that and I’m giving you elbow pointy pointy. –Stephanie
Boy, would that look cool until I didn’t get up again. –Amy
Dude, I can totally dive roll over a pile of flaming glass but this escapes me. –Stephanie 
Even the young have bladders. –Kara
I only ever think of it when her boot is aimed at my head. –Libby
Like a wild, crazy squirrel in a bodice. –Amy
Oh, it must be the other person I straddle. –Stephanie
OK, not the windpipe, my love. –Libby
Inexplicably I run at you with my head. –Amy
It’s not so much a fight as an exhibition of our comic genius. –Brenda

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