The Last Daughter of Oedipus

Follow Ismene, sole surviving child of Oedipus and Jocasta, as she fights to break the curse that devastated her family and now threatens to destroy Thebes.
8/15 – 9/25/10 at the Lincoln Square Theatre

A finalist in the 2007-08 Joining Sword & Pen playwriting competition, and workshopped through BWB’s New Plays Development Program, The Last Daughter of Oedipus combined sword and shield, staff, and unarmed combat with voice and movement work to push the boundaries of physical and vocal storytelling.  For selected reviews: CLICK!

PLAYWRIGHT: Jennifer L. Mickelson*
DIRECTOR: Tara Branham

CAST: Moira Begale-Smith (Tisiphone/Jocasta), Logan Black (Pelops, Guard, Priest), Amy E. Harmon (Alekto, Pythia)*, Eleanor Katz (Zeva), Kimberly Logan (Ismene), Katie Mack (Alcina), Jasmine Ryan (Cassia, Persephone), Sarah Scanlon (Megaira/Antigone), Michael Sherwin (Creon, Guard, Priest), and Mandy Walsh (Amaranta).

STAFF: Leigh Barrett (Lighting Design, Production Manager)*, Lora Conrad (Scenic & Props Design), Gillian N. Humiston (Violence Assistant)*, Megan Kohl (Vocal Technique), Kjerstine McHugh (Stage Manager)*, Jennifer L. Mickelson (Violence Assistant)*, Stephen Ptacek (Sound Design), Brandi Stepp (Assistant Director), and Emma Weber (Costume Design).

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