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Babes Speak: Lisa Herceg

Your name? Lisa Herceg. I was born Elizabeth Marie Herceg but I have no idea who people are talking to if they call me “Elizabeth.” I’ve always been called Lisa by everyone except people glancing at my driver’s license (or … Continue reading

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Busting Myths – Revamp Better

Contributed by Barbara Lhota I often revamp and regurgitate the same images that I’ve been fed my entire life. Several years ago, I started to outline a screenplay whose leading character was to be a single 50-something curmudgeon – an angry, … Continue reading

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I Want to BE Him

Contributed by Patti Moore A couple of years ago my brother wrote a blog post about all of his best friends’ top-played song on iTunes. Mine was a Louis CK stand-up track. He wrote, “Goddamnit Patti, I knew it. I knew … Continue reading

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