Donor Thanks

Without all of you, we’d be very sad and small indeed… THANK YOU!

We have received support from the following individuals and organizations in 2016:

The Gaylord & Dorothy Donnelley Foundation
The Illinois Arts Council Agency
A CityArts Grant from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs & Special Events
The Saints

Brawler ($1-99) – Julie Baker, Aaron Beckman, Michele L. Bell, Evan Bivins, Sandy Borglum, Belinda Bremner, Ken Burlington, Grace Clausen, Jacob Cox, Bill & Barbara Cragg, Aneleah Daidone, Mary DeLarber, David Dornheggen, Scott Dray, Carolyn Ewald, Elizabeth Fukawa, Francesca Gagliano, Elizabeth Gray, Katie Hermesmeyer, Dr. & Mrs. Hopkins, Laura Koepke, Bud & Anne Krick, Jeremy Laisch, Sue & Stu Lisse, Michael Mahoney, Morgan Manasa, Heather Meyers, Patti Moore, Kevin O’ Brien, Erin O’Shea, James Piche, Brian Posen, Kimberly Proehl, Melissa Proehl, Elizabeth Pyle, David Rice, James & Carol Schemmel, Jungsheem Suh, Stephanie Sullivan, Delia & Charles Thompson, Melissa Thomson, Sue & Chuck Tortorello, Richard Valencia, James Vest, Michael Wagman, Miechelle Walker, Sasha Warren, Christoper Weise

Warrior ($100-499) – Carmen Barrett, Kurt & Ann Beyreis, Elizabeth Beyreis, Dana Blankman, John Boller, Dr. Steven B. Brucki, Barbara & Allen Collins, Robert Dearborn, Virginia G. Dearborn, Todd & Kelly Dornheggen, Susan Fay, Bill Ford and Jane Reyerson, Larissa Grantham, Chuck and Donna Harmon, Mary R. Harmon, Elizabeth Herceg, Mrs. Mary Ann Ivaliotes, Alfred Kitch, Nancy Clair Laird, Barbara Lhota, Cindy Lumpkin, Rick & Jo Ellen Manasa, Ron & Mary Beth Mickelson, Tony & Michelle Proehl, Carole Pyle-Weaver, Mary Rosen, Dennis & Karen Schemmel, Geoffrey Schemmel & Kristin Dahlquist, Heather Shulick, Kelly Yacono

Heroine ($500-999) – Matt Ivaliotes, Catherine Mallers, Mary Ellen Walder

Amazon ($1000-4999) – Pat Moloney, Janet Taylor, David Woolley

Valkyrie ($5000+) – 

In Kind – Leigh BarrettLibby Beyreis, Ann Cobb, Elyse Dawson, Delia Ford, Hamburger Mary’s, Jane Hanna, Amy E. Harmon, Independent Spirits, Barbara Lhota, Kimberly Logan, Elizabeth MacDougald, Clare Martin, Kimberly Morris, Pat Parks, Pastoral, Steven Townshend, Samuel Yacono

IN 2016, 53% OF OUR FUNDING CAME FROM INDIVIDUAL DONORS. We literally could not do what we do without YOU!

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