Summer Training in Chicago

Looking to brush up on your stage combat skills? Or anxious to learn a totally new weapons style?  Check out some of these upcoming opportunities in Chicago – then next time the Babes have an audition, show us what you learned!

R&D Choreography are a favorite of BWBTC and they are offering a fight camp this summer, in addition to their ongoing classes.

“Weekly stage combat classes over a few months is the way to train, and this summer we are doing two sessions going from Mid-May through the beginning of August! At the Fight Shop, you will have a chance to practice technique appropriate to your level of skill, from brand-new beginner to seasoned fighter.  While the level of technique will be fitted to the student, the basic skill that everyone will be working on this summer will be making fights look real, in what we call “Chicago Style”.  The goal will be to eliminate the artificial habits that make so many staged fights look fake.”

Where: Strawdog, 3829 North Broadway, upstairs in their 3rd floor rehearsal space!

When: Session 1: Wednesday nights May 20 – June 17 (5 weeks) , 7-9PM
Session 2: Sunday nights June 28 to August 2 (6 weeks), 7-9 PM

email: for more details

Remy Bumppo Artistic Director Nick Sandys will be teaching – Intro to Knife Fighting and a Single Rapier Intensive later this year as well. (No dates/fees details yet, but like our Facebook page, and as we hear more, we’ll tell ya!)

And, if you’re just looking for some actor-friendly movement, The Gym at Vagabond School of the Arts offers Yoga on Mondays and Zumba for Actors on Sundays!

B-Squared! A Stage Combat Intensive presented by EDGE Theatre at Core Space on June 8th & June 15th. Cost: $40 per night (get 50% off second class with code “twoclasses” at sign-up)

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  1. webmistress says:


    We host workshops with various stage combat emphasis from time to time, and we always post the information here and on our Facebook page. We also do skill-sharing sessions within the company, and train casts of our shows, but we do not (at the moment) run ongoing public classes. If you’d like to find ongoing instruction in stage combat, you might check out The Actors’ Gymnasium in Evanston, and Forteza Fitness in Ravenswood (where R&D Choreography teach classes from time to time). Forteza also teaches HEMA, if you’re interested in historical forms.

    Thank you for stopping by!

  2. Darryll Lloyd says:

    I was wondering if you teach sword techniques & stage combat?

  3. Gina Fritz says:

    My daughter is 12 and she would like to learn stage combat skills. Is there a class for her?

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