SPRING 2015: Titus Andronicus

by: William Shakespeare


HarmonLoganJK5522At City Lit Theatre
1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Chicago

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Show Dates
Run: 3/5 – 4/4, Th – Sat at 8pm, Sun at 3pm
Closing Weekend: Wed, 4/1 at 8pm, Fri, 4/3 at 8pm & Sat, 4/4 at 8pm

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“Directed by Michigan Shakespeare Festival artistic director Janice L. Blixt, this production is equal parts campy, sadistic, heartfelt and, most of all, fun.” – Alex Huntsberger, New City Stage
Violence Designer Libby Beyreis has crafted some excellent combat scenes…I commend Babes with Blades for tackling one of Shakespeare’s most difficult and bloody plays with such enthusiasm and humor” – Drew Wancket, Chicago Stage Standard
“A superb rendition…Amy E.Harmon is terrifying and heartbreaking in the title role…As Aaron, Diana Coates is mesmerizing.” – Christine Malcom, Edge Chicago
“Amy E. Harmon stars as the titular Roman general. She brings a fine, bug-eyed severity to the role, making Titus’ descent from zealotry to madness merely a matter of degrees. Kimberly Logan meanwhile gives Harmon a worthy foil as the Goth Queen Tamora and Janice Kulka offers both sweetness and a sly intelligence as Titus’ beloved but (very) ill-fated daughter Lavinia” – Alex Huntsberger, New City Stage
“What most invigorates this all-female adaptation is the conceptual savvy brought by guest director Janice L. Blixt….You may see loftier interpretations of this horror-movie family drama, but never one as immediately accessible” – Mary Shen Barnidge, Windy City Times

Director: Janice L. Blixt
Violence Design: Libby Beyreis*

CAST: Amy E. Harmon* (Titus), Kimberly Logan* (Tamora), Diana Coates (Aaron), Elaina Henderson (Chiron), Kanome Jones (Demetrius), Megan Schemmel* (Saturninus), Erin Myers (Marcus), Debbie Baños (Bassianus), Janice Kulka (Lavinia), Elyse Dawson* (Lucius), Sara Gorsky (Martius), Maureen Yasko* (Tribune), Kim Fukawa* (Assassin)
STAFF: Leigh Barrett* (Production Manager), Maureen Yasko* (Asst. Violence Design), Kimberly Morris* (Costume Design), Diane Fairchild (Lighting Design), Kate Hopgood (Sound Design), Carolyn Voss (Scenic Design), Nathaniel Nesheim-Case (Stage Manager)
*Denotes Babes With Blades Company Member


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