Romeo & Juliet

Babes With Blades takes on the classic tale of star-crossed lovers!
3/20 – 4/30/11 at the Raven Theatre (West Stage)

Featuring an all-female cast, Romeo & Juliet was BWB’s second Shakespeare production following the success of our Macbeth in 2009.  For selected reviews & audience comments: CLICK!

DIRECTOR: Brian LaDuca

CAST: Delia Ford (Tybalt & Paris)*, Ashley Fox (Juliet & Sampson) , Amy E. Harmon (Mercutio & Abram)*, Katie Horwitz (Friar Lawrence & Prince Escalus), Gillian N. Humiston (Romeo)*, Eleanor Katz (Nurse), Maggie Kettering (Capulet), Rachael Miller (Montague, Friar John, & Servant), and Megan Schemmel (Benvolio).  Kim Fukawa* understudied.

STAFF: Harrison Adams (Sound Design), Bill Anderson (Scenic Design), Leigh Barrett (Lighting Design)*, Wyatt Kent (Assistant Director), Ricky Lurie (Costume Design),  Kjers McHugh (Stage Manager)* and Dustin Spence (Production Manager).

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