Q&A with JS&P Winner, Dustin Spence

Contributed by Morgan Manasa

Get to know our Joining Sword & Pen 2015-16 winner, Dustin Spence! 

When did you get into playwriting?
I first delved into playwriting at Ball State University. I was a part of a group that wrote and developed a play about the Human Genome Project and the story of Dr Faust. The end result was called the Human Faustus Project, and it was an experience I was never able to quite shake.

How did you hear about JS&P?
The very first BWB show that I was a part of was a JS&P show! Los Desaparecidos by Barb Lhota!

Given the requirements provided in the competition, what was the writing process like for you?
Because I have been part of several JS&P productions over the years I know how high the bar is set and the awesomeness of the women who will be reading my words and fighting my fights. I wanted to make something that would capture those expectations.

BWBTC will be working with you to develop the play over the next year. What aspect of the workshop are you looking forward to the most?
The cast and audience feedback! I love hearing how those experiencing the moments in a script interpret them. I know that BWBTC has an intelligent audience and they won’t pull any punches!

Where else might we have seen your work produced?
The Sound of a Yellow Flower, was developed and produced with Strangeloop Theatre, and ran in 2010 at the Trap Door Theatre. What Was Mine to Do was developed through the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs Incubator Program in 2012 and produced at the Side Project.

Keep your eyes peeled for workshop dates for The Promise of a Rose Garden on our Fighting Words page!

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