Promise Background

Developed through Fighting Words 2015

BWBISP_461 crop edit LOThe Promise of a Rose Garden explores what it means to be a soldier and the far-reaching effects of war. It focuses on Captain Rockford, one of the first 3 women to pass the US Marine Infantry Officer Course. She is instructing a new group of women hoping to become infantry officers themselves. She is being visited by angels who speak in riddles. She may be losing her mind….

“It’s the story of a band of sisters – composed of many races, ages, and ranks – and how they experience modern military combat.  They train, they fight, they win, they fail, and above all, they endure,” says director Elyse Dawson.  “In particular, we share one character’s experience with PTSD as Captain Josephine Rockford struggles with her demons, deals with her memories, and rejoins civilian society after combat.  Since opening combat roles to women in January of 2016, the qualifications and abilities of women in war have been a subject of intense debate and scrutiny.  This play not only gives a hypothetical life to these women in combat, it casts a light on how ill-equipped our society is to receive all of our veterans upon their return home.”

This production uses realistic staged violence in the telling of the story, including wartime combat situations.  Some scenes feature replicas of military weaponry, fog, sound effects of gunshots and explosions, and a blank-firing pistol.

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