Land of the Free

Election Day, 2004: A simple ride to the polls turns into a hostage situation in Mark Burns’ raucous political comedy featuring Anne Coulter, Oscar Wilde, Antigone, King Lear, and the ringtone version of I Won’t Back Down.

Will “calm” tea conquer partisan hysteria?
Do cell phones survive submersion in toilets?
Can Republicans and Democrats find any common ground?

A world premiere by Mark Burns

Directed by Beth Cummings*
Fight Choreography by Libby Beyreis*

CAST: Dawn “Sam” Alden* (Elizabeth), Gillian N. Humiston* (Taylor), Elisé Lammers (Jamie), Morgan Manasa* (Melanie), Meghan M. Martinez* (Susan), Ryan Christopher Zarecki (Tommy/Deer)

STAFF: Arielle Augustyn (Costume Design), Leigh Barrett* (Producer, Lighting Design), Alex Braatz (Sound Design), Kit Libenschek (Props Design), Jeff Lisse (Scenic Design), Kjerstine McHugh* (Stage Manager), Emily Sweeney (Scene Painter)

Graphic Design: grumpy monkey graphics & design
Media Relations: Tree Falls Productions

All photos by Johnny Knight

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