What do you mean “The moment depicted in the inspirational image must be physically dramatized/incorporated in the play?”
We want the competition image to be physically portrayed as a moment in the play. We want to (literally) bring that image to life.

Is there a minimum/maximum number of fights required for consideration?
Minimum: at least one. There is no maximum number required. We are looking for fights that happen organically and help to move the story forward, just like songs in a good musical serve the story.

Can there be male characters in a BWBTC play?
As it states in the requirements: a. Women must be in most/all of the primary roles; b. Women must be featured in most/all of the combat. You can include male characters, but keep in mind that our company’s mission is to put women’s stories center stage.

Can I include more than one kind of fighting style?
Yes! Being a stage combat company, we love all kinds of fighting styles. Here are a few examples: rapier, found object, knife, broad sword, quarter staff, unarmed, etc. Please include the stage combat styles that make sense to the story you are telling.

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