JS&P 2013-14 Witch Slap!

Gabriella Boros was the winner of Inspiring Sword & Pen 2012. We couldn’t choose Medieval 1_2001s LO Medieval 2_2001 LObetween her two amazing pieces, “Medieval 1” and “Medieval 2,” so we chose both! The Babes requested full-length plays based on this artwork, and received 25.

Jeff Goode won Joining Sword & Pen 2013-14 with his comedic script, Witch Slap!. Directed by Delia Ford*, with Violence Design by Maureen Yasko*, Witch Slap! opened on 8/16/14 on the West Stage at the Raven Theatre Complex and ran until 9/20/14. Mr. Goode received the Margaret W. Martin Award, which carries with it a $1000 stipend.

POSTCARDfrontCAST: Alison Dornheggen* (Jezebella), Stefanie Johnsen (Minerva), Loren Jones (Novella), Kimberly Logan* (Crone), Morgan Manasa* (Goody Blunt), Jennifer L. Mickelson* (Widow), Patti Moore (Sylvia)

STAFF: Kimberly Morris* (Costume Design), Justin Castellano (Lighting Design), Lindsey Miller (Stage Manager), Kait Mikitin (Production Manager), Claire Nelson (Props Design), Mason Absher (Sound Design), Nicci Schumacher (Scenic Design/Technical Director)

Graphic Design: Lauren Nichols

* denotes BWBTC ensemble member


How/when did you hear about Babes With Blades Theatre Company?
I studied stage combat in college and was SAFD certified twice. So when I began to write plays for stage combat, I was looking for companies that would have the ability to stage DornheggenJohnsenST4686 lothem properly. I think one of my friends from Chicago suggested I look up BWBTC…

How/when did you hear about Joining Sword & Pen?
…this would have been several years before I entered the contest. But I had been keeping up with the web site and trying to come up with a project that might be good for BWBTC. So I became aware of JS&P through the website and had followed it for a couple years.

What made you decide to enter the competition?
So of course I was inspired by the paintings by Gabriella Boros. They looked to me like witches fighting. And when I was in grad school, I directed not one, but two! plays set in the witch hunt era (Arthur Miller’s The Crucible and Caryl Churchill’s Vinegar Tom) so I was very familiar with that period. So once I had the image of witches fighting each other, I knew exactly what should happen. And once you get there, the show pretty much writes itself.

What did you think when you won the competition?
LoganJonesJK7467 loI was thrilled. And relieved that I wouldn’t have to figure out a way to stage it myself. 😉 I mean, how was I gonna get combat brooms and teach people to use them?

Do you have a favorite memory from the development/rehearsal/production process?
I remember being very impressed with both the talkbacks that I attended. As a playwright, I do a lot of talkback discussions and they can really go off the rails pretty quick. But I thought both Leigh as the moderator and the Babes participating were very good at focusing the discussion in directions that would be useful for the development process.

I also remember being blown away by the snake rope. I really did not see that coming and it was awesome.

JohnsenJonesMooreMickelsonManasaDornheggenLoganJK6532 loWhat’s happened to your script since (readings, productions, publications, etc.)?
There is a company in New Orleans that is looking at producing it possibly next season. And it’s under consideration for my former company here in Los Angeles.

What are you working on right now?
I have a new play about Furries. And I’m working on a new set of short fight plays for book 3 of my anthology Your Swash is Unbuckled. But my day job at the moment is writing for children’s animated show. This year I’ve written episodes for “Curious George,” “Lalaloopsy,” the Emmy-winning stop-motion show “Tumble Leaf,” and Amazon’s new “The Stinky & Dirty Show.”

Where can people learn more about you and your work?
You can follow my misadventures on my website:

ManasaJonesJK6967 loJonesJohnsenMooreJK6322 lo10544361_10154493518495035_1368545629572180332_n

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  1. Such a fun experience!
    I want to play Crone forever…and ever…

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