The Invisible Scarlet O’Neil: About the Strip

“Action – without blood and thunder! Adventure – exciting but human! Fantasy – but with a humorous twist!” -Chicago Sun-Times

Widely recognized as America’s first female superhero comic strip, Russell Stamm’s The Invisible Scarlet O’Neil ran in the Chicago Times from 1940-56.

“(Scarlet) also appeared in Sunday strips, and her adventures were reprinted in Famous Funnies comic books. It is estimated she appeared in over 100 newspapers around the world in the middle 1940’s…. She would also be the main subject of a couple of “Big Little Books,” and an illustrated prose novel published by Whitman Books. Figures of Scarlet and other characters from her adventures were available as paper doll cut-outs and unpainted plaster figures. She was a back up feature in Black Cat Comics and eventually starred in her own monthly book from Harvey Comics.” (

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