Inspiring Sword & Pen

BWBTC’s international art competition, launched in 2010.

But… why would a theatre company hold an art competition? Let us ‘splain:

Our Joining Sword & Pen playwriting competition offers writers from around the globe the opportunity to take inspiration from a work of visual art, using it as a basis for a brand new work for theatre that features strong roles for women, and explores violence as a storytelling tool.

COMING SOON: The Winner of IS&P 2016

We tried something a little different this time around, in an attempt to generate some art featuring swords.

Ensemble members were photographed in a variety of costumes, with a variety of weapons; our favorite image will be revealed at the 9/8 performance of The Promise of a Rose Garden, and will form the basis of Joining Sword & Pen 2017-18.

Jessie Swiech’s piece Death and Sleep With The Fallen Warrior  won IS&P 2014, andjessie swiech headshot inspired JS&P 2015-16. Ms. Swiech is a Central Illinois-based actress and an artist in a variety of mediums and styles. While her art ranges from acrylics and watercolors to pencil and ink, her specialty lies in depicting the story of a interesting (usually female) character. This carries over into her acting: recent roles include Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Mark Antony in Julius Caesar, and Hattie in The Women of LockerbieHer art can be viewed at the Inside Out Accessible Art Co-op and Gallery in Bloomington, IL. To see more of Jessie’s work please visit her Facebook Page.
History of JS&P
(Includes IS&P images & winners)

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