Horror Academy

You haven’t got a hope in hell.

Vampires, cannibals, and zombies populated three one-acts and five monologues by Chicago playwright Darren Callahan. Presented promenade-style in the intimate environs of the North Lakeside Cultural Center, these pieces put horror in the air, blood on the walls, and combat right in the audience’s laps.

Written by Darren Callahan

Directed by Jeremy Wechsler
Fight Choreography by Babes With Blades with the cast

CAST: Kaela Altman, Maggie Cain, Amy E. Harmon*, Katherine Herrera*, Gillian N. Humiston*, Morgan Manasa*, Chelsea Mauger, Valerie Meachum, Jennifer Mickelson, and Stephanie Repin*

STAFF: Arielle Augustyn (Costume Design), Leigh Barrett (Lighting Design), David Bell (Sound Design), Mary Anne Bowman* (Producer), Kjerstine McHugh* (Stage Manager), Sans N.E. Sleep Cooperative (Set & Props Design)

Graphic Design: grumpy monkey graphics and design
Media Relations: Tree Falls Productions

(* denotes BWBTC ensemble member)

Red Message #5
Maggie Cain





Three Lines
Chelsea Mauger – Stefanie West
Valerie Meachum – Lula London
Kaela Altman – Sissy West
Stephanie Repin – Mrs. Cosgrove
Gillian N. Humiston – Carmen West





Red Message #3
Morgan Manasa





Red Message #2
Amy E. Harmon





Everything’s Different Here
Kaela Altman – Geogia Owens
Morgan Manasa – Maureen Vespi
Jennifer Mickelson – Gwen Bytes
Valerie Meachum – Claudia
Chelsea Mauger – Ann





Red Message #4
Katherine Herrera





Red Message #1
Gillian N. Humiston





Where Is the Breakdown?
Amy E. Harmon – Ophelia Jarvis
Jennifer Mickelson – Nurse Fox
Katherine Herrera – Doctor Weiss
Maggie Cain – Mrs. Jarvis
Stephanie Repin – Molly Monk





All photos by Johnny Knight

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