Current Season (2016-17)


FALL 2016: The Promise of a Rose Garden by Dustin Spence
Director: Elyse Dawson*
Violence Design: Rachel Flesher

The winner of Joining Sword & Pen 2015-16!


SPRING  2017: Henry V
Director: Hayley Rice
Violence Design: Kim Fukawa*

The first, most obvious, association is that both shows this season address women and warfare. More particularly, they address women actively participating in direct combative engagement, and all the societal and personal baggage that goes along with it.
It also references the war that women continue to wage, battle by battle, for equal rights – particularly during this election season. Women as a group are on the front lines, fighting for those rights, and we aim to support that fight by continuing to place women and their stories center stage.
Finally, it refers to BWBTC’s work, this year and every year, on the front lines of the struggle for gender parity in the arts: as we join with sponsor David Woolley in celebrating the 10th Anniversary of our playwriting competition (Joining Sword & Pen), and return to our extremely popular all female-cast Shakespeare programming in spring 2017, we celebrate and continue a history of offering unique opportunities to, and expanding the canon for, female theatrical artists.

You’ll be able to find us at City Lit Theater, 1020 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., all season long!

*denotes BWBTC ensemble member

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