Babes With Blades: Run 4

Taking wish fulfillment to a new level!

We reclaimed the most famous fight roles in the theatrical canon, from Hamlet to Cyrano. Interspersed among the familiar fights were monologues recounting the exploits of real-life women warriors: a subtle comment on the heritage that rightfully belongs to the fairer sex as well.


Hamlet by William Shakespeare
Hamlet: Kerry Beth Smith
Laertes: Rachel Rasinski
Claudius: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Gertrude: Michele DiMaso
Horatio: Brooke Elliott
Osric: Stephanie Repin

The Drapes Come by Charles Dizenzo
Barb: Marcy Konlon
Mom: Laurie McNeilly

The Trojan Women by Euripedes
Hecuba: Stephanie Repin
Helen: Susan Foley

The Princess Bride from the novel by William Goldman
Six-fingered man: Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Domingo: Stephanie Repin
Young Inigo: Rachel Rasinski

The Miracle Worker by William Gibson
Helen: Michele DiMaso
Annie: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Kate Keller: Susan Foley
Capt Arthur Keller: Vicky James
James: Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Viney: Marcy Konlon

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett
Vladamir: Kerry Beth Smith
Estragon: Vicky James

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood from the novel by Howard Pyle
Robin: Laurie McNeilly
Little John: Brooke Elliott

Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmund Rostand
Viscount: Vicky James
Cyrano: Kathrynne Ann Rosen

A Cry of Players by William Gibson
Jenny: Kerry Beth Smith
Anne: Stephanie Repin
Will: Susan Foley
Hodges: Brooke Elliott
Kemp: Marcy Konlon
Heming: Laurie McNeilly
Arthur: Michele DiMaso
Pope: Rachel Rasinski
Ned: Dawn “Sam” Alden
John: Vicky James
Jack: Kathrynne Ann Rosen

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
Helena: Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Hermia: Marcy Konlon
Lysander: Stephanie Repin
Demetrius: Brooke Elliott

The Misanthrope by Moliere
Celestine: Leigh Ann Wilson
Arsinoe: Jen Albert

The Women Pirates Ann Bonny & Mary Read by Steve Gooch
Ann: Stephanie Repin
Mary: Rachel Rasinski

Heathers by Daniel Waters
Veronica Sawyer: Vicky James
Heather Chandler: Brooke Elliott
Heather NcNamara: Marcy Konlon
Heather Duke: Jen Albert

Tea Neck Tanzy by Claire Luckham
Tanzy: Laurie McNeilly
Grope: Pat Parks

The Roaring Girl by Dekker & Middleton
Laxton: Vicky James
Moll: Jen Albert

Rosemary’s Baby from the novel by Ira Levin
Rosemary: Leigh Ann Wilson
Joan: Rachel Rasinski
Elise: Stephanie Repin
Guy: Kathrynne Ann Rosen

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss
Sam: Laurie McNeilly
Dr. Must: Rachel Raskinski

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