Babes With Blades: Run 3

Have blade, will travel!

We took a leaner, meaner version of Run 2 to the Edinburgh Fringe Fest, with an abbreviated cast and fights adjusted to fit on a postage stamp.

Pecking Order
the new girl in Cell Block A gets broken in
Choreography: Jen Albert, Vicky James, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Jen Albert, Dawn “Sam” Alden, Kerry Smith

Final Call
Xena’s right hand women has quit to do soap operas. Who will be the next Gabrielle?!?
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski, Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Fighters: Dawn “Sam” Alden, Kathrynne Ann Rosen

The Softest Thing in the World
what happens when the dominated challenges her role?
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden, Tere Parkes, Kara Pasierb
Fighters: Tere Parkes, Kara Pasierb

a pompom nightmare on Buffy’s day off
Choreography: Jean Adamak, Rachel Rasinski, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Jen Albert, Vicky James, Kerry Smith

A Tribute to Jackie Chan
so it ain’t art, but it’s damn good fun
Choreography: Jackie Chan
Adaptation: Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Fighters: The Babes

MERELY Players
when Shakespeare goes horribly, horribly wrong
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski
Fighters: Tere Parkes, Kara Pasierb

The Wild, Wild West
Black Betty and her gang have taken over the town. Where, oh where, is Sheriff Star?
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden and The Babes
Fighters: The Babes

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