Babes With Blades: Run 2

If a benevolent playwright offered to create a show just for you, what part would you play?

Made up of all-new scenes composed by the cast, as well as a few old favorites, Run 2 gave Chicago audiences a taste of the kinds of roles the Babes wish were available to us in mainstream theatre.

a pompom nightmare on Buffy’s day off
Choreography: Jean Adamak, Rachel Rasinski, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Jean Adamak, Vicky James, Rachel Rasinski, Kerry Smith

Butchered Buffalo
if (pause) a certain Chicago playwright (pause) wrote for women
Choreography: Tere Parkes
Fighters: Michele DiMaso, Tere Parkes, Kim Wade

Cast Into Eternity
trying to make a living in theatre can be hell
Choreography: Jen Albert, Erin Carlson, Vicky James
Fighters: Jen Albert, Vicky James

Chi-town Showgirls
an homage/parody to the characters created in Eszterhaus’ instant Camp Classic
Writer: Lisa Rothschiller
Choreography: Michele DiMaso
Fighters: Michele DiMaso, Lisa Rothschiller

Final Call
Xena’s right hand women has quit to do soap operas. Who will be the next Gabrielle?!?
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski, Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Fighters: Rachel Rasinski, Kathrynne Ann Rosen

a slow-motion practice pattern based on the Filipino discipline of Sumbrata
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Fighters: The Babes

this dance/martial art is Brazilian in origin
Instructor: Marisa Cordeiro
Coordinator: Tere Parkes
Fighters: The Babes

MERELY Players
when Shakespeare goes horribly, horribly wrong
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski
Fighters: Tere Parkes, Rachel Rasinski

Pecking Order
the new girl in Cell Block A gets broken in
Choreography: Jen Albert, Vicky James, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Jen Albert, Burgandy Kohout, Kerry Smith

if you met yourself, would you like her?
Choreography: Kara Pasierb, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Kara Pasierb, Kerry Smith

A Sister’s Vengeance
a traditional duel for honor and revenge
Choreography: Jean Adamak, Michele DiMaso
Fighters: Jean Adamak, Michele DiMaso

The Softest Thing in the World
what happens when the dominated challenges her role?
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden, Tere Parkes, Kara Pasierb
Fighters: Tere Parkes, Kara Pasierb

The Thief
family secrets can be deadly
Choreography: Kathrynne Ann Rosen, Kim Wade
Fighters: Kathrynne Ann Rosen, Kim Wade

A Tribute to Jackie Chan
so it ain’t art, but it’s damn good fun
Choreography: Jackie Chan
Adaptation: Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Fighters: The Babes

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