Babes With Blades: Run 1

Our first full run!

Like the showcase, the show again featured scenes composed by the cast. Each vignette was woven into the creation story of Durga, an Indian warrior goddess brought into being by male gods in their hour of need. A mighty warrior, she quickly vanquished all their enemies and in doing so, put herself out of a job.

Blushing Brides to Be
Coordinator: Rachel Rasinski
Fighters: The Babes

Cast Into Eternity
trying to make a living in theatre can be hell
Choreography: Jen Albert, Erin Carlson
Fighters: Jen Albert, Erin Carlson

Chi-town Showgirls
an homage/parody to the characters created in Eszterhaus’ instant Camp Classic
Writer: Lisa Rothschiller
Choreography: Michele DiMaso
Fighters: Michele DiMaso, Lisa Rothschiller

Fight in the Dark
based on a Peking Opera tradition, an assassin and a witness must use other senses to continue fighting when the only source of light is gone
Choreography: Jean Adamak, Tere Parkes
Fighters: Jean Adamak, Tere Parkes, Melissa Van Kersten

Final Call
Xena’s right hand woman has quit to do soap operas. Who will be the next Gabrielle?!?
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski, Kathrynne Ann Rosen
Fighters: Rachel Rasinski, Kathrynne Ann Rosen

Forbidden Duel
in spite of the law, women duel for honor and revenge
Choreography: Jean Adamak, Michele DiMaso
Fighters: Jean Adamak, Michele DiMaso

a slow-motion practice pattern based on the Filipino discipline of Sumbrata
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Fighters: The Babes

this dance/martial art is Brazilian in origin
Instructor: Marisa Cordeiro
Coordinator: Tere Parkes
Fighters: The Babes

Othello’s Cassio & Montano
a drunken rapier and dagger fight from Shakespeare’s Othello
Choreography: Rachel Rasinski
Fighters: Michele DiMaso, Karin McKie

if you met yourself, would you like her?
Choreography: Kara Pasierb, Kerry Smith
Fighters: Kara Pasierb, Kerry Smith

The Suggestion of Violence
violence between friends can be erotic
Choreography: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Fighters: Dawn “Sam” Alden, Kara Pasierb

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