Babes With Blades: Cliffhangers

Hard-hitting, cutting edge, and more fun than you can shake a stick at! The Babes paid tribute to the cliffhanger in this suspense-filled stage combat showcase.

Presented as a series of clips from an Entertainment Tonight-style media event, the 12 original scenes lovingly skewered comedy, drama, horror, and more. Along with the Babes’ trademark no-hold-barred brawls, the show offered a tongue-in-cheek commentary on the fighting (and non-fighting) roles available to women in theater and film today. No cliché went unchallenged – no genre was safe!

Conceived by Michele DiMaso
Directed by Alison Dornheggen

CAST: Dawn “Sam” Alden*, Libby Beyreis*,  Ann Clements, Jessica Dunne, Amy E. Harmon*, Katherine S. Herrera, Brenda E. Kelly, Niema Wilson*, Jenna Wrublik, Leeann Zahrt

STAFF: Meagan Alm (Set & Props Design), Camilla Haith (Costume Design),  Jesse Klug (Lighting Design), Kjerstine McHugh* (Stage Manager), Stephanie Repin* (Producer), David Sohl (Sound Design)

(* denotes BWBTC ensemble member)

MCs: Ann Clements & Leeann Zahrt




Late Nights at the 7-11 by Laurel Haines
Goldie: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Ladybug: Ann Clements
Shade: Jessica Dunne
Bev: Amy E. Harmon
choreography by Dawn, Jessica, Amy


Once Bitten by Dawn Alden
Jo: Libby Beyreis
Sam: Brenda Kelly
Vinnie: Niema Wilson
Michele: Jenna Wrublik
choreography by Libby, Brenda


Ten Things That Make Me Want to Kick the S&!t Out of You by Alison Dornheggen
Beatrice: Amy E. Harmon
Muffy: Katherine S. Herrera
Tiffany: Leeann Zahrt
choreography by Amy, Katherine


Double Identity by Mary Anne Bowman
Angela: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Donna: Niema Wilson
choreography by Dawn, Niema



Apotheosis: The Meridian Tangent by Dawn Alden & Kjerstine McHugh
Cyborg 1: Amy E. Harmon
Starfire: Brenda Kelly
Thunderbolt: Kjerstine McHugh
Cyborg 2: Jenna Wrublik
choreography by Amy, Brenda, Jenna


Sai Hard 2: Sai Harder by Mary Anne Bowman
Annabelle: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Vaughn: Jessica Dunne
choreography by Dawn, Jessica



Nebukai Arasoi (Vendetta) by Niema Wilson
translation by Vanessa Grasso, Libby Beyreis
Kazuko: Libby Beyreis
Sachiko: Katherine S. Herrera
Tomoko: Niema Wilson
choreography by Libby, Alison


The Return of Kathak by Laurel Haines
Gina: Libby Beyreis
Mom: Ann Clements
Katie: Amy E. Harmon
choreography by Libby, Amy


Broken Dolls by Alison Dornheggen
Maggie: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Ginger: Katherine S. Herrera
Sophie: Niema Wilson
Peaches: Jenna Wrublik
choreography by Dawn, Niema


Pas De Trounce by Alison Dornheggen
Claire: Ann Clements
Lauren: Jessica Dunne
Olga: Brenda Kelly
Josie: Leeann Zahrt
choreography by Alison, Jessica


The Promised Land by Mary Anne Hagedorn
Miranda: Libby Beyreis
Danielle: Amy E. Harmon
choreography by Libby, Amy



The Path… TO HELL by Stephanie Repin
Chainsaw Killer: Dawn “Sam” Alden
Sensible: Jessica Dunne
Spooky Woodsperson: Brenda Kelly
Dingdong 1: Jenna Wrublik
Dingdong 2: Leeann Zahrt
choreography by Dawn, Jessica, Brenda, Stephanie, Jenna, Leeann

All photos by Johnny Knight

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