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Contributed by Barbara Lhota

I often revamp and regurgitate the same images that I’ve been fed my entire life. Several years ago, I started to outline a screenplay whose leading character was to be a single 50-something curmudgeon – an angry, anti-love, anti-social creature. I won’t go into the plot but I was going to make this character male. My wife challenged me. I realized that every film archetype of this type I could think of was male. It limited my perception. I couldn’t see my bias.

13 blue (1)

What does this cover say?

13 redone (1)

This cover? Same. Book.

As a playwright, I’m intrigued by subtle (and not so subtle) ways in which we are told to value something as better than something else, particularly in literature. Unconsciously I take in these cues – myths really – and turn them into fully-fledged beliefs that influence my behaviors and, not to get dramatic, sabotage dreams. How can you know how limiting your viewpoint is until you can helicopter above? Beliefs develop imperceptibly. Visual cues are even more firmly in our brains with their arms folded, daring us to disagree. That’s why I found this video about woman authors and their book covers so eye-opening…

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blog post contributed by Barbara Lhota 

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  1. “Beliefs develop imperceptibly” – #Truth.
    I JUST saw an example of this yesterday. I told someone new that I work with Babes With Blades Theatre Company and a little about what we do and why and he mentioned taking his daughter to see A Motley Crew do some Shakespearean scenes. As he recalled it he said, “Yeah, there was some fighting, but it was always the guys who had the weapons. The girls didn’t really do much fighting, but I didn’t really think about it because that’s just the way it is.” But now, maybe he WILL think about it a little differently the next time he sees a show, especially with his daughter with him in the audience.

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