Babes Read: I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

contributed by: Kimberly Logan

Title: I Don’t Know What You Know Me From* (*Confessions of a Co-star) 

judy greer book

Author: Judy Greer [in 2015 alone her credits include: Ant-Man, Jurassic World, Entourage, Tomorrowland, Archer (TV), Addicted to Fresno, Grandma, and Married (TV)]

Why you should read it: She speaks about the ‘reality’ of the surreal life of a working Hollywood actor.  This is truly the real-life story of a ‘small-town’ girl who makes it big…or at least makes it consistently in a profession that is anything but consistent. It was especially personal in that we both grew up in MI with the typical mid-west road-trip vacations, came to acting later, and believe that success is measured by doing the job you were hired to do (and doing it well!) rather than by the number of stars on your IMDB listing.

What I thought: This book was hilarious!  I read the book quickly because it’s written so well and felt so much like a conversation with an intelligent, witty, funny, potty-mouthed woman – just the kind of gal I like to make friends with!   The honesty with which she speaks about herself is refreshing, and the essays that make up each chapter take you easily through her adventures in life and the business with humor and grace.  Sample titles: I Used To Be More Ugly; Celebrities I’ve Peed Next To, and Your Compliments are Hurting My Feelings (complete with a list of things you could say instead of what you probably will say!).  If you are starting to believe that good guys always finish last, pick up this book and see how one of the good folks made it. And then, go to IMDB and see exactly how much she’s made it – truly, she’s been in EVERYTHING!

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