In 2013, a phenomenal anonymous donor provided BWBTC with 8 daggers, 5 epees, and 2 broadswords. Our sincerest thanks!

In 2011, thanks to a grant from The Saints, BWBTC purchased 8 single swords, 2 broadswords, and 5 parrying daggers!

2 schlager rapiers are courtesy of Lori Willis – huzzah!

The following individuals donated (and named) weapons:

Rapiers, originally for The Girl in the Iron Mask
Joe Albright (Señor Cuddles)
Richard & Elaine Albright (Conan Dirk Blood Rambo Albright)
Libby Beyreis (Samazon)
Dolores Cummings (Angie)
Amy E. Harmon (Sink Me)
Pete & Rita Zimmerer (The Redhead)
Bob & Kathy Humiston (Betty Blade)
Heather Shulick (Vaudevillian)
Katherine Herrera & Christopher Willumsen (Karma)
Broadswords & Shields, originally for Los Desaparecidos (The Vanished)
Christel & Jim Alden (Mi Ayudante)
Leigh Barrett & Kathryn McNeil (Faela)
Eli Lehman (Cailleach Bronntanas)
A final broadsword is named “Mansquito Frankenfish” in loving memory of Will Schutz.

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