Delia Ford

Delia Ford (Literary Manager) met her first rapier as a sophomore at Washington and Lee University where SAFD fight master Joseph Martinez teaches to this day. Upon graduation, she headed out to the SAFD National Stage Combat Workshop to acquaint herself with other weapons and fight masters and then again to the Advanced Workshop the following year. In the intervening years she has done performances of Cyrano, Three Musketeers, La Chasse and No Exit, as well as fighting in Dark Mist and The Kings Guard. Oh, and she used to save the world 3-5 times a day in Waterworld at Universal Studios, Hollywood. With Babes With Blades Theatre Company she has appeared in Macbeth, A Gulag Mouse, Romeo and Juliet, and Patchwork Drifter. She also directed JS&P winners Trash and Witchslap!. Delia is glad the Babes will have her and grateful that her husband and child can spare her.