A Gulag Mouse

You do what you have to – to survive.
3/21 – 5/1/11 at the Trap Door Theatre

Winner of the Joining Sword & Pen 2009-10 competition, this gritty new work (now available from Next Stage Press) took place in a Siberian gulag in the post-war Soviet Union.  There Masha, Svetlana, Lubov, Prushka, and newcomer Anastasia navigated a brutal world of shifting alliances and betrayals.  Who survived?  For selected reviews: CLICK!

PLAYWRIGHT: Arthur M. Jolly
DIRECTOR: Brian Plocharczyk

CAST: Delia Ford* (Svetlana), Amy E. Harmon* (Masha), Gillian N. Humiston* (Anastasia), Stephanie Repin* (Prushka), Dustin Spence (Evgeny/Ivanov), and Kathrynne Wolf* (Lubov).  Danielle Defassio understudied.

STAFF: Leigh Barrett* (Lighting Design), Libby Beyreis* (Assistant Violence Design), Kristine Borcz (Scenic Painter), Jeff Lisse (Set Design), Kjerstine McHugh* (Stage Manager), Morgan Manasa* (Production Manager), Ruth Meridjen (Assistant Stage Manager), Jessica Pribble (Costume Design), and Adam Smith (Sound Design). Props by Sans N E Sleep Cooperative.

Graphic Design by grumpy monkey graphics & design.

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